How to check a campaigns performance?

Go to your Admin Panel and click on the tab “Campaigns”

Detailed statistics are available if you click on the green graph icon next to each of your campaigns. NOTE: only if it received traffic.

In addition to the basic data i.e. impressions/Clicks/Costs etc you have a full range of options to analyse your campaigns with big data statisitics and sophisticated analysis tools.

If you look towards the top of the stats page you will see filters and additional tabs with which you can analyse your campaign by a range of dates or even change to a different campaign.

The tabs below this breakdown your traffic even further by giving you the option to see how the campaign performed by such things as country,browser, device and by hour amongst others. With this wealth of information you can adjust the settings of the campaign to optimise your profitability.

Read part 1 and part 2 of this indepth article about big data analysis tools on the ExoClick platform, in addition read this FAQ to learn more about optimising campaigns.