• Why are the IAB Standards important?

    IAB Standards

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), established in 1996, is an advertising business organization that develops online advertising industry standards. The IAB Standards are a series of guidelines put in place by the IAB designed to support a healthy and sustainable online advertising industry, to curate a safe and pleasant browsing experience for the end user and promote the growth and health of the online advertising industry. It is the responsibility... Read More

  • Publisher Case Study: How to Beat AdBlockers with Popunder In-Line Code

    adblocking by end users

    According to Statista, adblocking by end users is still very popular. Statista published the latest available figures in their report dated July 4 2022, Adblocking penetration rate in selected countries/territories worldwide as of 3rd quarter 2021. It showed that the average global adblocking rate was estimated at 37 percent.  Globally, adblocking by end users costs publishers and advertisers billions of dollars and the losses are growing year on year. Technically... Read More

  • New feature: Call To Action & Friendly URL for video formats!

    CTA Call To Action for Video Formats

    Recently, ExoClick has added a new feature for video ads: the Video Call To Action (CTA). This feature allows advertisers to add a CTA text on their video ads (In-Stream, Outstream, and Slider), to easily direct the user towards their service landing page or site. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of this new feature, and how to set it up from your ExoClick ad platform admin panel!... Read More

  • ExoClick’s ad creative making service for Online Games offers 

    Ad creative making service for online games

    According to Statista, in 2020, the global online gaming market generated approximately 21.1 billion U.S. dollars in revenues and the number of users is expected to rise to 1.3 billion users by 2026. ExoClick recently released its free to download Ultimate Guide to Online Games Offers to help advertisers maximize their ROI for Online Games offers using ExoClick’s traffic sources and large range of ad formats. The Guide also includes... Read More

  • Fluid Player New Update! Live Stream Video Ads

    Fluid Player New Update! Live stream video Ads

    Ever since YouTube LIVE and Twitch, live stream video ads have become extremely popular to promote brands. Brands get to connect in real-time with their audience, achieving immediate engagement. This format has been proven to achieve a higher and more positive response from target consumers, which makes it very attractive both for publishers and advertisers alike.  The free open source HTML 5 video player Fluid Player has been serving streaming... Read More

  • Image Site Publisher Case studies: Fullpage Interstitial

    Fullpage Interstitial ad format for Publishers

    If you are a publisher who does not show video content, but static image content such as free cartoon sites, gallery sites, the Fullpage Interstitial ad format is a great way to increase your revenues. In this blog post we will explain what the Fullpage Interstitial is and how it works, the benefits of the ad format and 4 publisher case studies from static image only content websites on how... Read More

  • Cryptocurrency Funding and Payment Options Explained

    Cryptocurrency Funding and Payment Options explained

    In order to offer more accessibility options to advertisers and publishers around the world, ExoClick recently added USDC cryptocurrency as an available account funding method for advertisers and a payment method for publishers. In this blog post we explain the key benefits of crypto payments, transactional risks and crypto coin safety. What is Crypto currency? Cryptocurrency works as a digital medium of exchange through a computer network, based on blockchain.... Read More

  • Publisher Guide to Responsive Display Ads

    A Responsive Display Ad (RDA) is a Banner ad that automatically adapts its size, format and appearance to fit any standard IAB Banner display ad placement. RDAs are used by Advertisers and Publishers on Google Ads and now they are available on ExoClick’s platform. RDAs are created automatically from an Advertiser's uploaded assets: images and texts (title, description and brand). ExoClick's system then combines and adjusts them so that the... Read More

  • ExoClick’s Payment & Funding Methods Update

    Payment & Funding Methods

    ExoClick offers a range of options for Publisher payments and Advertiser account funding, and we also have some new methods coming soon. Current Publisher Payment Methods Paxum, you will need to have a Paxum account where we can transfer your earrings to.  For weekly or monthly payments your minimum earnings must be 20 EUR/USD Cryptocurrency currently we support Cryptocurrency payments only through the ERC20 network and using USDC currency,  you will... Read More

  • ExoClick stands with Ukraine. Publishers! Can you help?

    ExoClick stands with Ukraine. Publishers! Can you help?

    ExoClick is currently working on several different actions to support Ukraine. We are 100% against this war and supporting Ukraine and everyone living there under these terrible and ongoing conditions.  We are showing support on social media and will continue to do so everyday.  We have made a substantial donation to official humanitarian organizations including UNICEF Ukraine and UNHCR in order to get direct help to Ukrainian refugees. In addition... Read More

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