• ExoClick Compliance in 2017


    We’ve listened to the concerns of all our clients over recent months and today we can introduce to you our new simplified guidelines! How do I ensure my campaigns get approved? If your campaigns contain Malware/Phishing, Browser Blockers/Ransomware, Auto Redirection or BackJacking then your campaigns will be rejected. These simply can not run on our network! We monitor campaigns 24/7 and we have sophisticated technology to help us prevent such... Read More

  • 8 tips for effective video advertising


    Following the launch of ExoClick's new pre-roll in-stream video ad format, here are some key insights into how the format works, the great potential it has to drive conversions, its payment model and analytics, how to maximise impact with content and calls to action and finally a useful checklist to help get you started when using this highly effective digital ad format. 1. It's more engaging Video advertising your product... Read More


    World Map interconnected by wire (Fiber Optics) of the Info.

    If you are a publisher you know that as a general rule in SEO it takes a new website 3 to 6 months before it really gains traction in organic searches. In a drive to grow website traffic, new and established publishers are using paid for traffic sources in order to supplement their organic traffic. In this way a publisher is also becoming an advertiser. So how does it work... Read More

  • Publishers could gain from EU net neutrality ruling regarding ad blocking


    Internet service providers and mobile operators that block ads could be breaking EU guidelines on net neutrality even if customers opt in. EU regulations only allow providers to block content for three reasons: to comply with a member state’s laws, to manage levels of traffic across a network, or for security. Updated guidelines issued by the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (Berec) this week state that advertising should... Read More

  • What do UK publishers think about mobile ad blockers?


    Back in May this year, AOL and research firm InsightsNow surveyed over 300 UK publishers to ask them what were the primary challenges they were seeing on mobile. With over half (55%) putting ad blockers as the biggest challenge, compared to quality of consumer experience (45%) and quality of content/creative (40%). However, mobile does provide publishers with several opportunities. The study also found that faster ad loads and engaging ad units... Read More

  • New insights into why consumers are installing ad blockers

    ad blocking

    According to eMarketer installation of ad blockers on desktop is still increasing, up 48% to 45 million people in 2015, by the end of 2016 this will hit 63 million and rise to 77 million in 2017. But what exactly drives people to turn to ad blockers? Two new surveys have just been released that show some very interesting insights. Omnicom Media Group (OMG) surveyed a large sample group as... Read More

  • What can publishers do about ad blocking?


    What are ad blockers? As its name suggests, an ad blocker simply hides all types of advertising on websites so that users of ad blockers will see a blank space where an ad would have been served. Ad blockers are installed as browser extensions. All major browsers have ad blockers available and with a few exceptions, these extensions are not developed by the browsers themselves. How do they work? Ad... Read More

  • 9 tips for mobile publisher sites


    With nearly half of all activity occurring on mobile devices it is no longer enough to simply offer an optimized website anymore. Even though smartphone screen sizes seem to be getting increasingly larger each year, especially with the growth of the phablet segment, they are still small compared to the desktop experience. This means that you need to be focused on creation of content that is easy and quick to... Read More

  • 5 tips to generate passive income with ExoClick’s referral program


    Whether you are a company or an individual, referral programs can give you a great way to earn solid passive income, simply by recommending or promoting your referral URL to your contacts. Innovative ad network ExoClick has a great referral program with excellent earnings potential. Many companies will offer you just a 1 year commission or a one off payment, but ExoClick's offer is far more lucrative: 5% of all... Read More

  • Advice: How to create a secure environment using HTTPS


    Google's Webmaster Central Blog announced that the search engine giant would start using HTTPS as a ranking signal. What does this mean? Basically Google is going to reward websites that offer users a browsing experience that is safe from the prying eyes of third parties. Traditionally HTTPS is used on e-commerce websites and online banking sites, sites where users are required to enter a username and password to login to... Read More