Month: October 2014

  • Advice: Version 3 update Part 2 Filters and Workflow Enhancements

    Part 2: Filters and Workflow Enhancements In our last blog post we explained ExoClick's implementation of Big Data statistics in its Version 3 Admin Panel update and went through the parameters and filters and how you can use the new ‘time’ related data filters to help you evaluate and understand campaign performances better and how to setup timed campaigns using the new Day Parting function. Click here to see Part... Read More

  • Interview: Richard Cottrell, ExoClick’s Global Sales Director

    What exactly do you do at ExoClick? As the Global Sales Director, my responsibility is to support, manage, develop and direct the three divisions that make up the sales team: advertising account managers, publisher account managers and business developers. As well as driving corporate efficiencies and improving sales processes, I track, collate and interpret sales figures, develop revenue projections and devise concepts to improve revenue growth. This includes regular conversations... Read More

  • Advice: 5 tips for split testing banner ad campaigns

    Before you give up on an ad campaign that isn't delivering the CTR or conversions you want, have you tried some split testing? You can do this by testing different variables on your ads to determine which perform the best. Here are some ideas on what variables to test. 1. Ad headline Playing around with the wording of your headline can make a big difference. Can you create a slogan... Read More

  • Advice: Version 3 update Part 1 Big Data and Perfect Timing

    Part 1 : Big Data and Perfect Timing ExoClick has launched Version 3 of its Admin Panel and it comes with a host of improvements that give both Publishers and Advertisers access to Big Data statistics. To see an overview of the Version 3 improvements click here Welcome to Part 1 in our series of tips that will show you how to use the new features in our Version 3... Read More