Month: August 2014

  • Advice: 5 tips for effective banner advertising

    Whether it's online or for mobile, banner advertising is an effective way to promote products and services, but many advertisers make mistakes by launching a campaign without working out their strategy first. The following 5 tips are designed as a useful checklist to ensure you have an effective campaign before running your ads on an ad network like ExoClick. 1. A wider audience Reaching the right target audience with your... Read More

  • Advice: How to create a secure environment using HTTPS

    Google's Webmaster Central Blog announced that the search engine giant would start using HTTPS as a ranking signal. What does this mean? Basically Google is going to reward websites that offer users a browsing experience that is safe from the prying eyes of third parties. Traditionally HTTPS is used on e-commerce websites and online banking sites, sites where users are required to enter a username and password to login to... Read More

  • Advice: 7 tips for Real Time Bidding success

    Real Time Bidding (RTB) was first introduced to the online ad industry back in 2009. The aim was to create a more targeted way to advertise digital display ads (CPC, CPM). Advertisers are asked to bid for certain premium ad inventories supplied by publishers via ad networks, who act like a kind of stock exchange. Various advertisers offer different prices for the ad spots and the highest bid wins the... Read More